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Parents and YE student Seeing her growth has been the greatest gift.


The Young Explorers Early Childhood Program exists to nurture resilient, inquisitive learners with a strong sense of citizenship and love for learning. 


The Young Explorers Early Childhood Program seeks to create an engaging learning environment for young children through developmentally appropriate practices aligned to the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards.  Our program encourages exploration and skill development through child-centered experiences that build self-confidence and connections between learning and natural environments. The program serves special needs students, at-risk students and typically developing students in a blended classroom model.

The Early Childhood Program believes

  • in educating each and every child through facilitating their cognitive, physical, social-emotional, and communicative growth.

  • learning should be fostered at each child’s developmental level.

  • children learn best through active exploration of their natural environment.

  • children need a safe and nurturing environment to learn

  • education starts in the home environment.

  • parents/guardians should be active participants in their young child’s education.

  • children benefit from collaborative home, school, and community partnerships.

  • in a community that embraces cultural, linguistic, economic, and developmental diversity.

  • local communities are valuable resources to support learning.